Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!

Greetings Bloggers,
 I know... I've been gone a while... Months to be exact!! Between RN school, church programs, my praise and worship ministry and life in general, I've been MIA... BUT that did not stop me from taking pictures and keeping track of my babies' journey... So in this entry, I am going to do my best to get all of you caught up AND keep up with my blog... SO HERE GOES.... I am now in month 9 of my journey, and yes, I AM STILL IN LOVE WITH MY SISTERLOCKS!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Month Locaversary!!! Yay Me!!!

Hello to all bloggers, researchers and lurkers,

On this fine day/post, we celebrate my 1st month locaversary (5 weeks, technically) AND.... you guessed it.... I am STILL In LOVE!!!! Just had my first retightening yesterday and my consultant was very happy. I had minimum slippage and much growth!!!! This first pic is of the back (duh!) after a wash right before I went in to get my retightening! As you can see, my scalp totally disappeared and my hands were constantly in my hair, due to a few naughty strands that insisted on crawling from one lock to another! SMH!!!

This lovely comparison shot is one of my favorites as it depicts my growth, as well as my weight loss... I probably haven't mentioned this in my previous posts, but I am also working on being healthier and shedding a few pounds (try 50 lbs), this comparison shot gives me hope that I am on the right track!

Last (I think) and certainly not least, here's a comparison shot of my sides! Great, isn't it?! I am thinking if I have such great results in one month, imagine a year!!!!! Eeeeeep!!!! I am still very excited and very in love with my SL's and take great pride in knowing that I am taking very good care of them.

As always, your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated! Until next time...

Mondy, SL'd 5 Weeks!!!

How about a few more for the road, lol!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And The Winning Numbers Are..... (Drumroll Please)

4... 7..... 2... 472 Perfectly imperfect babies!!! I finally counted my SL's! Why did it take me almost a month? Counting all those tiny little things seemed like such a daunting task that I did not know where to start, besides going to school (Nursing) and working full time left, well, no time for me to do this! And then lo and behold, I got a day OFF, No school, No work! The perfect opportunity presented itself, my scalp was itching, it was hot, so it was sweaty and I said to myself "Self, how about a wash and a count?" That's exactly what I did, I braided, I banded, I washed then I COUNTED!
This is actually the second wash that I've done since my installation on 9/15 (click here for install pics) , and it took about an hour to complete the process! Although I want to leave my hair alone to do its thing, the itching gets out of control and I believe that I mentioned that in my last post. I was given the suggestion to dilute Seabreeze with water (1/2 and 1/2) and spray on my scalp, I am going to try and see if that will help. I really would like to wait to wash my hair again right before my retightening on 10/19.

Thankfully, I have not had much slippage. Some of the locks at my nape have come undone, I believe this is due more to the texture of my hair (my hair is very soft in the back of my head), then the washing... Another culprit could be my colorful scarves and headbands, I am trying to lay off those, too! Other than that my babies are doing great, haven't noticed any major changes, although my parts are disappearing, maybe I'll notice more after my reti. Looking forward to my one month anniversary.. Yay ME!!! :-O

Stay blessed and come back soon,
Mondy, SL'd 2+ Weeks

Monday, September 27, 2010

2 Week Update....

I'm still in love with my Sisterlocks... THE END!!!

Seriously, today marks day 15 of my locks, and there hasn't major change! Due to my hair texture, my ends were curled up by day 2. My parts are already starting to disappear. My first reti isn't till October 19th, so we'll see how they look by then ( I am thinking mini afro, lol)! I'll be taking and posting pictures before and after my reti. I did my first wash last week wednesday, the itching is out of control.... Not much slippage, although I've noticed about 3 of my locks are unraveling in the nape area not sure if it's from the wash or my scarves. I'll probably wash again tomorrow (Wednesday) as I mentioned before, itching OUT OF CONTROL! For now, concentrating on keeping my hands out of my hair and eating up all the info on other blogs! Thanks for following my blog and until next time... Toodles!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm ALL In!!!!

Yes!!!! I got my locks!!! I got my babies on September 13-15, 2010 in about 18 hours... I haven't counted them... YET! It looks like a LOT! I started my installation on Monday the 13th at 5:00 PM. I didn't feel that my consultant and I bonded so I was a bit concerned, but my fears were alleviated the first day. We have the same taste when it comes to television, crime shows, so that took care of that, lol! We originally thought that 2 days would be enough, we underestimated the size of my dome...On the first day we did about 7 hours, and 3/4 of the front was done...

Then came Day 2.... On Tuesday, I went back at the same time, and by the second hour we realized.... I HAVE A BIG HEAD!!! We finished what was left of the front and started on the back, keyword here is STARTED... At that point, we figured it was time to add Day 3 to our schedule, and I am dying with anxiety because my camera has free space (Gasp!!!), is charged and ready to take pics of my babies! I must have taken 2 dozen pictures of my half finished SL's, so just imagine what happened once I had the finished product... Yea, I know! I went camera crazy!!!

Day 3 came, and WE WERE DONE!!!! Now the most exciting thing about my installation... I had all my friends, coworkers, classmates and family as anxious (some way more) as I was. They were counting down with me and for me. So as you can understand, I had to make an entrance at school and at work the following day... Thursday, September 15, 2010... Well, here are the pics, I'll let you be the judge!

On my way to school, the day after my complete installation! I got new hair, and to hear my friends tell it... I GOT A NEW ATTITUDE!!! I suppose I can add the other pics... Did I mention I went camera crazy?! I LOVE my SL's!

My SL's on their first Sunday service, about 3 days in, my ends were all curled up! I love my hair texture! Didn't have to wait for the curly Q's... Yes!!!

A close up of my curled up ends... Ok maybe one more pic, lol

I've already been one week and 100+ pics into my journey, including my first braiding, banding and washings pics (next post).... So please feel free to visit my blog and follow my journey... Just please do NOT copy my pics without my permission. THANKS!

Be Blessed All,

Mondy, SL'd 1 week

Friday, August 27, 2010

Impatient much?!

Blessed day, everyone!

I am IMPATIENT! I am counting down the days to get my SL's! 16 days, 4 hours, 19 mns and counting...

As I wait, I've found myself thinking of my life, and I realize that for 24 years, I've got quite a story to tell! After a 6 year break, I'm going back to school for NURSING (I've made a full, 6 year circle, lol)! I am so excited, finally my life is back on track! It's been a long roller coaster ride with more downs, then ups mixed in with a few loops and swirls! Thank God, I am still here and I am still standing... BETTER, STRONGER AND WISER!

So, as I share my SL journey with you, I pray that the Lord will use my life story as a testimony for His glory and someone, somewhere, someday will be blessed reading it... Be blessed!

Impatiently waiting,


" If the Lord had not been on my side, the enemy would have swallowed me up..... raging waters would've swept me away... Praise be unto God who has not let be torn by his teeth!" Psalms 124

Friday, August 6, 2010

Whoo Hoo, I have a date!!!

It's been a while since I wrote here, I actually forgot about it! However, I did not forget about SL's! I've falling even more in love with them... In my last post in February, I was considering the BC, well, I did it! I walked into the bathroom, and chopped it all off in March, it is now 5 months later, and I can honestly say I no longer have a TWA but a very sexy, very happening afro, lol!

The most exciting part is that I've chosen a consultant AND I will be part of the family on September 13th, 2010! I am super excited and will definitely post pics!

Be blessed all,


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello everyone, after continuously researching, I've decided to get sisterlocks. My reasons are many.... The number one reason, I am tired of perms! Second reason, I absolutely love everything about sisterlocks, especially the fact that I am able to get the best of my natural hair... I love reading the different blogs about locs, and the pictures are priceless, especially the photographic journals! I am now transitionning, and currently have kinky twists in my hair, I'm not sure of the length of my natural hair, but it's long enough for locks and relaxed ends are a bit longer than chin length. I am looking forward to removing my twists, so I may embark on my Sisterlocks journey, I am still undecided on whether I will do the BC (Big Chop) or lock with my relaxed ends... until then, I appreciate any advice as to how to prepare myself, and what to expect. Thank you all in advance and looking forward to joining the SL family!